February 2018 Giveaway - Enter to win a Spicer Driveline Overhaul from Dana Aftermarket!

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    MAIN PRIZE: 2x Spicer Nodular Iron Performance Differential Covers (for a Dana axle, Blue or Grey) & 2x Spicer Universal Joints and Wheel Joints from Dana Aftermarket

    Your differential is engineered from some pretty intricate components, and nothing keeps everything protected like genuine Spicer differential covers. Spicer diff covers keep gearing safe, whether your vehicle is built for speed or heading off-road, Spicer is there — protecting your investment. Click here to learn more.

    You expect a lot from your vehicle, and Spicer Life Series (SPL) universal joints deliver. SPL universal joints consistently outperform competitors, so you can hit the road or trail with confidence. Check out the difference that SPL universal joints can make in your vehicle, and make sure you?re getting the longer life, increased bearing capacity and lower maintenance costs that Spicer Life Series (SPL) can provide. Click here to learn more.

    PRIZE #2: Coyote Enterprises Automatic Tire Deflators

    Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators are a spring loaded check valve with the ability to vary the spring pressure on the check valve via the Adjustment Cap. More spring pressure means a higher destination**, shut OFF pressure. Less spring pressure means a lower destination pressure. The Coyote Enterprise Automatic Tire Deflators are guaranteed to cover a destination pressure range of 4 to 56 PSI (CED456) and typically handle 3 to 65 PSI and 5 to 45 PSI.

    PRIZE #3: 1 Year Subscription to CRAWL Magazine

    CRAWL is your source for the content the others are afraid to bring you. CRAWL Magazine is the most Hardcore Offroad mag published in North America. Printed bi-monthly, CRAWL is a title of CRAWL2 Media, LLC. It’s available throughout North America in major bookstores, auto parts stores, foreign bookstores and US military bases throughout the free world.


    Reply to our forum thread and say something like, "I would love a driveline overhaul from Spicer and Dana Aftermarket!" or "I want a set of Coyote deflators!" or "I'd like a CRAWL Magazine subscription!"

    *You must be a Ladies Offroad Network member to enter this drawing. If you are a member, you will have a yellow "MEMBER" banner on your user profile. If you are not a member, click here.

    Congratulations to our Winners!
    Dana Spicer Driveline Overhaul: Lisa Potter
    Coyote Automatic Deflators: Caitlin Cooper
    CRAWL Subscription: Alyce Harden​
  2. I want a membership for CRAWL mag..... heck ya!
  3. and the pull pal & deflators! please hit me with those giveaways
  4. I would love to win the Dana Spicer diff covers and u-joints, or Crawl Magazine year, or the tire deflators, I can use them all.
  5. I would LOVE and need to win the Dana Spicer Gray Diff cover and U Joints !!! I also would love to win those Coyote Tire deflators, so handy!
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  6. Could really use and would love the Spicer Drivetrain overhaul! Would really help in my YJ build! ❤
  7. would love a Pull Pal! Awesome!
  8. I would love a Pull Pal!

    I want a set of Coyote deflators!
  9. I want to win Spicer diff covers and u joints!!
    Thanks Dana aftermarket!
  10. I would love Coyote tire deflators!
  11. I'd love to win axle parts, deflaters, or a subscription!
    Thank you!
  12. I'd love to win the spicer diff cover for my rig or the awesome tire deflaters - always needing to check the tire pressure before hitting the trails. Crawl mag subscription would ROCK too. Love that mag!!
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    I would love the Spicer Diff covers and try out the U joints!
  14. I would love to win any of the prizes this month. The Dana Spicer diff covers and u-joints, or Crawl Magazine year, or the tire deflators, All would be awesome to have
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  15. I would love to win the Spicer Diff covers and u-joints, or crawl magazine year!
  16. OMG!!!! I want to win it all!!!!! :)

  17. I would love to win a Spicer Dana Dif Cover, Spicer Universal Joints and Spicer Wheel Joints. I would also love to win the Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators. Good luck to everyone!
  18. Omg! I would love grey modular iron performance diff covers from spicer and u joints! tire deflators and a year subscription for crawl magazine would be amazing!

  19. I would love a set of Coyote deflators.
  20. I would love to win- anything !

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