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  1. "Hi! I am Kris Bowe, and am the owner of a beautiful red 1997 TJ. I’m married to a fellow Jeep enthusiast, Mike, who owns a black 1998 ZJ (Humpty). We have two girls Grace and Addie, who also love off-roading with us. Most of my off-roading experience has been in the passenger seat and as a spotter. Over the last few years I have participated in some ladies runs and in June 2017 I purchased my own jeep. I just couldn’t let my husband have all the fun. I am grateful for the experience in the passenger seat. It taught me to be a better spotter and I was able to gain a lot of experience and knowledge without the intimidation of sitting behind the wheel. I like driving even more! My family lives in Minnesota, and we traditionally have done most of our wheeling in the MN and WI areas, however I would love to get outside of the Midwest and do some wheeling trips in other parts of the U.S. I work as a Finance manager for an investment consulting firm and love my work. I have the awesome opportunity of getting to work hard AND play hard and have a great family that backs me up and has just as much fun when we are playing. When not wheeling, I love to travel, read and LAUGH."

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