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  1. "I may be a female, but don’t let that fool you. I am a very competitive athletic person, who doesn’t take no for an answer, since I started playing sports at 7 years old.

    I am currently a Certified Personal Trainer. I train clients in my home gym or I travel to their gym or home to get their health on track with diet and exercise. I am also a spokesperson for InduraPower battery. Some of the things I do on behalf of InduraPower are homemade videos explaining about their Lithion Ion batteries benefits, interviews with current customers who use the batteries in their off-road vehicle or daily driver & promote the batteries on social media. I also attend Jeep group Meet & Greets to show what all the products are about. 2017 was my first SEMA show. WOW…amazing learning experience. I had a camera crew follow me to different cars & truck builds that had an InduraPowerinstalled in them. The owners of the vehicles answered my questions about their builds and why InduraPower is a great battery to have in their build.

    Soon you will see me on TV for an off-road race, where I prove to men that I am just as good, if not better, on the trails. My driving skills show how smart I am on the courses and my competitive side shows I don’t quit. Racing on this TV show has given me the itch to race off-road in my Jeep or buggy, if one is provided. I feel I have the determination, skills and mindset to succeed and do very well in races against men. I do have some racing experience. I have raced dirt track in the sportsman class, where I placed top 10 every time, finished every race and never caused a caution. Racing on those oval shaped dirt tracks taught me to stay calm and never doubt myself. I stay active and in shape by playing soccer on multiple teams, I kick-box for discipline & full body cardio and train myself in the gym with weights. I tell people age is just a number; I am currently growing younger. You must adjust how you do things when active, but being active is what keeps me feeling young. I am currently working with other companies on being their spokesperson, can’t wait to talk about them and their great products for jeep owners. I hope to meet you in the future on the trails or at an off-road race. Have fun and enjoy life while you can, because life is to short to not have fun."

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