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  1. "I’m 29 years old and have lived in Upstate NY all of my life. I enjoy wheeling my Jeep, hunting, fishing, kayaking, and cooking, especially wild game. I have been dating an amazing man for 2 years, who happens to share a love for Jeeps, he even has a sick 82 Scrambler! I also have 2 adorable little fur babies named Banshee and Hachi, they are Shiba Inus and they love to keep me on my toes. I currently work as an administrator for a large university, but previously worked as a Licensed Veterinary Technician for a local veterinary hospital. I have 4 degrees total…and only use 1. I also value health and enjoy cooking healthy and working out at the gym. My New Year Resolution a few years ago was to lose 100 pounds, and I ended up losing 126! Since then I have been working on lifting and becoming more strong versus being a toothpick, but I love being fit and healthy! My dream is to move out west to enjoy all of the hobbies I love so much, with the man I love (I know, I’m a cheeseball)."

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